Dent Removal Question from Joanne Evans

Submitted on 23/07/2009

Hello. Hope you might be able to help me. On the passenger side of my car, on the rear panel, so no door. On this panel I have a series (about 6) of small dents, which have been done by someone opening their car door and hitting my car. On one dent the paint work is chipped but on the others paint is unbroken. They are all about the side of a fify pence piece. Firstly, I need to find out if it is possible for you to fix the dents and secondly how much it would cost. I live in North London (Edmonton), hence the email first as Chelmsford is not down the road for me. Many thanks in advance. Joanne PS, sorry I'm unable to send you any photos. Model: Ford Fiesta Freestyle 1.25 3d - 02 reg (pepper red)


We would need your car for a couple of hours (we are a five minute walk to town) and there's a  chance that we can do them all, but every now and again there's one we just can't reach and with you having six then i would say that there's a possibility that we can only do four. Have a read of this page which will tells you the prices and about our money back guarantee. The price would be between £100 and £160 plus vat depending on whether we can do them all or not.

The one's with the chip can sometimes be a bit tricky because they sometimes chip because they can be a bit Sharpe, but we will do our best and then we can touch it in after (the touch up won't be invisible). Also if you want to take the money back guarantee offer then we have only about six miles away. So you could always go to them if we can't achieve the desired result.

The price to respray the Whole panel may not be much more than the cost of doing all the dents. But i will point out that you would then need to book it in with them for another day, then they would need it for  two or three days. But in the end it would be how you want it.

I would recommend you try and get some pictures as with dents we can tell  a lot more. You can load them onto this page just below.

Here's our contact details if you want to take a trip to us.


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