Buying and Selling Question from Bryony

Submitted on 11/08/2009

Hi I'm selling my Picanto and just wondering how much it would cost to remove an old coffee stain from the front passenger foot well. Also, it has a scratch on the front bonnet, very thin but not long. I think you can see the white undercoat in some parts. Would that be fixable? Also, considering the car's value - is it even worth it? Those are the main things wrong with the car, it's clean otherwise so I don't think a whole package is needed. I'm in Putney SW15. You can see the car here: Model: Kia Picanto


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I would definitely get this stuff done before anyne views the car.

I think you could probably have a go at both of these yourself. The scratch is through to the primer, so can't be buffed out - so it will need touching in (it certainly wouldn't be worth respraying the bonnet!) Black is one of the easier colours to do, so you may wish to pop down to Halfords and getting a touch-up paint. We have a full article on stone chips and scratches --  it will be worth doing all of them.

While at the motor accessory shop, get a spray-foam cleaner and a microfibre cloth.
Give the stain a good soaking and a rub with a towel, and then use the foam cleaner and microfibre cloth. That may reduce it or even remove it. You may find that this is enough and will save you a journey to us.

But if you don't fancy having a go yourself, or the above solutions don't work, then you can get back to us and we can do it for you.


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