Detailing Question from Niall Mc Carthy

Submitted on 27/08/2009

Hey Pro's! I just wanted to ask you guys where can you get the "odour go" fogging machines?? I would be delighted to get a response! Thanx again,Niall (Ireland) Model: N/a

I am familiar with the Odour Go type fogging machine and we do supply one. A detailed specification sheet is available and can be e-mailed by return if you want to look at the details and verify that the fogger I am referring to is the one you require.

Hi Neil,

I just wanted to add to this if I may...
It seems Odour-Go may have ceased trading as their website is no longer up. We did use the company, they were our introduction to fogging.
However, I have to say that the kind of fogger they supplied is only part of the story. What they supplied us with was a disco smoke machine... thats not a problem as it served very well as a wet fogger (If you want to get into dry fogging, thats a different ball game). What we lernt from this is that it's not the fogging machine that is the important part, its the chemicals that you run through it, which is why we ended up with Chemspec.

Chemspec supply a range of different chemicals for removing different kinds of odours which work on a principle called pairing. They also do training courses which will show you how to use the fogging products in conjunction with other types of disinfectants and enzymes so that you can eliminate just about any kind of odour from the faint to the extreame.

Danny - New Again Team.

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