Dent Removal Question from nashim imam

Submitted on 24/06/2008

Dent Enquiry - Front driving side wing. Model: toyota avenis

I'm not 100% sure about this one. I'll get a second opinion, and get right back to you.

UPDATE: Yes we can do it. I have to say that I'm sometimes surprised and this is quite a sharp crease, but Chris says that this is one that is easy to get to and he can take his time over.
There is one small caveat, which is that silver paintwork doesn't take kindly to being bent in, and then out again. So there is a chance that the paintwork will bruise. It's hard to describe what I mean by this, but sometimes you get something that looks a little like a faint stretch-mark. Highly metallic colours can look a little more metallic or look a little cloudy just along the crease line. It's hardly noticeable, but you might see it if you look closely in certain lights.


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