Accident Clean-up Question from Adrian Bringes

Submitted on 13/10/2009

Rear double seat back has been contaminated with spilt liquid Creosote. Seat is currently fully removed from car and central integral seat belt is not affected, Spillage essentially stayed in one corner because seat back was folded down at the time. Rest of car is o.k. Unfortunately found your site a couple of weeks after this happened and had already tried to fix it. Had removed surface contamination using detergent solution and steam ensuring seat positioned with contaminated section downwards. Seat still smells a bit of creosote and there is a creosote film traces on metal seat back when bit of rear cover is lifted - presumably coming from underlying foam which I could not get at directly.. I live in Ashtead, near Epsom Surrey (looks like it is about a 64 mile trip to get to you). Car is temporarily being used as a 3 seater without seat in place so would be possible to leave it with you. Really want to know whether you would be able to clean it or is it a reupholster job. Model: Ford Focus Zetec Estate Petrol 2 litre 54 reg


If you want to call us tomorrow, thats Wednesday you will probably need to replace the seat cover and foam or get one from the breakers? the metal will probably need decontaminating.

You maybe wise to inform your insurance company, if you call tomorrow and ask for Gary ,thats me I should be able to help.

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