Odour Removal Question from Michael Haywood

Submitted on 08/11/2009

Hello, Whilst transporting several blacks sacks of household rubbish to the local dump in the back of my Zafira one of the bags leaked some kind of putrid liquid over the backs of my fold down back seats resulting in a heavy stench of vomit! I have tried scrubbing with disinfectant, foam fabric odour eliminator, and steam cleaning but none have done the job and after 2 weeks it still smells nasty. I think the liquid has got right into the foam padding on the seats. I am based in Lincolnshire which is a fair distance from you but i would welcome any advise you may have. Regards Michael Model: vauxhall Zafira


We do have some very powerful deodorants, in fact we do keep and sometimes have to use the worlds most powerful oder kill products.

However somethings are easier to replace when you take into the distance too us, and the fact that the foam being soaked, We would have to completely remove the source from the foam using an extraction machine, then inject it with something like an enzyme product, with something unknown this can prove difficult.

My suggestion is to try the net to see if you can buy a new or used seat.

Don't leave it too long as the oder will make the whole car smell.

Or if you can take the seat out and take it apart, then put the foam and the cover in you washing machine, using a biological washing liquid/powder. This may work.

If it doesn't you don't have anything to loose.

If when you have it removed the car still smells then lat me know as we can recommend.

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