Dent Removal Question from Oli Knight

Submitted on 23/01/2010

PLease may you provide me with a quote for removing this dent or for a bodyshop repair. I return the vehicle to mercedes in 2 weeks and the quote from their bodyshop was ridiculous. The car is kept in London, E14 3JA. Model: Merc a150 classic se 2007


It is difficult to see how much damage is on the door, but there is a possibility that it is only cosmetic.  I would suggest it would be worth you coming for us to see if we can do something with it.  If it's only the front wing is dented.  Then, it would still be a difficult paintless dent removal to do, however front wings are usually empty (I mean they don't have things like window winding mechanisms or locking systems in them).  So if our dent man can remove the dent and we can then remove the scratches.  Then it would have made you a massive saving.  I would suggest is may be too paint correction repairs and one largePaintless dent removal.


If we find your damage is too severe and therefore need a good body shop repair our then I would suggest.  We could still make you a substantial saving.  This would mean your car going to Kraftwork.  You can either leave the car with us and we can take care of it.  This would cost you an extra 10% plus £15 collection and delivery. Or you could go directly to Kraftwork. They are only had 10-15 Minute Drive, away from here.


I could get you an estimate from them before you came, but I would need a couple more pictures.  You can load them onto the post below, if you want.  Or I would suggest that we get your wheels in motion as you only have two weeks.  So give us a call, we will need to piggyback you will dent.

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