Paint Sealants Question from matthew greenwood

Submitted on 13/02/2010

I have just bought an audi a3 with quite a lot of fine scratches.The dealer has put lifeshine on to improve the overall appearance of the car because I wasn't happy with the marks in the sunlight last week when I went to pick it up. He was supposed to sort it out for the week after. He put the lifeshine on as an extra - now im thinking he shouldn't have done because I think the scratches are still underneath although there is improvement . If they show up badly in certain lights how can I get rid of them or reduce how visible they are without paint correction (ie it costing me a fortune) Also the drivers door has been repainted 2 weeks ago to get rid of a dent in the paint work. Does the sealent that has just been put on cause a problem to its curing process. Should I be worried about the curing process? (Rochdale, manchester) Model: Audi a3


As you know Autoglym life shine is a sealent. So your right in saying the finer scratches have been sealed underneath.

When we are sealing a car thats more then say 1 month old our process is to check the car for both Industrial fall out and scratches and swirls before sealing any car.

Theres is only one way to recitfy this.  That would be to have the Car machine Polished (V2K)  which will eliminate around 70-80% of the finer scratches and swirls/hologramsand then Re seal the paintwork.







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