Accident Clean-up Question from Steven Hibberd

Submitted on 08/03/2010

Over the weekend some moron decided to decorate my car with some kind of industrial resin. It's over the rear bumper/tailgate/window, roof, windscreen and it has run down the rainwater channels and onto front wheels/tyres. The car is in a right mess and to be honest I feel it's going to be an insurance job but just wondering if you guys have any ideas? The car is undriveable due to the windscreen being covered. I found the canister of the stuff and its made by a company called Weber.tec and its a polyester resin component. I'm based in Basildon. Thanks! Model: Ford Focus ST

Don't take it personally this sort of thing happens quite a lot.  I would suggest that you contact your insurance company first and then if you want come back to us.

Most insurance companies are happy to hear that you are going to make an effort  seek professional advice anyway.  We have removed all kinds of things from paintwork over the years and we do a lot of work for insurance companies. 

The way we go about it is to do an hour on the car first.  That way we can tell you what we think, how long we think it will take to remove the rest where it is easy or whether it is really hard.  At that point, we can give you some idea as to how long we think it will take and how much it is likely to cost.  You can then make up your mind whether to go back to the insurance company and make a claim.  At this point, the insurance companies will often send an assessor down to us.  They are usually very good and they would then take care of the claim.  However, it is likely to cost below your excess.  You may want to just give us the go-ahead. 

If you contact the insurance company first and let them know, or ask them, and then give us a call and we can take care of it for you. 

Only one thing just to mention.  It will cost around £60 to get your car collected and delivered here should you need it.  We will get you a confirmed price once we have your postcode.
I would suggest we will treat this with urgency, as most people just want to get this put behind them.
We suggest you keep the tin, put it in a plastic bag using gloves.  We may be able to contact the manufacturer, if we need to.

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