Dent Removal Question from Sall

Submitted on 21/03/2010

Hi, I have a dent on the back left panel of my 2005 Audi A4 and would be grateful if you could give me an idea if you can fix it, and roughly how much this would cost. Going by your above galleries, I would say it looks most like gallery 2 (size of an orange) I would also like to get an idea of how much it would cost to repair a few scratches i have on the car, but i will send a further message once you have got back to me about the dent. I live in Gants Hill in Essex Thanks Model: Audi A4 2005


The dent has been cut short by the bottom of the panel, if you know what I mean (here's a link to the panel description).  So it's going to be very very difficult.  I suspect you will end up having to do a MIDI Repair.  However, you may want to bring it to us to have a really good look at the inside and out.  Inside, I mean by looking inside the boot.  We do have a plan B. so if you were to, we call piggyback it.  If we try, and it doesn't work, we don't charge you.  Then if you want, you can go straight to Kraftwork who are the body shop that we use for Midi Repairs.  They are about a 10 Minute Drive from here.  I suspect a MIDI will cost something around,  maybe £175 to say £250 but you may as well find out while you're here. That's if I'm right and paint this dent removal just won't work.


hi gary this is much better than i thought , the lowest point in the dent is further away from the edge than most of these so we may stand half a chance

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