Dent Removal Question from ian Cawley

Submitted on 29/03/2010

Dent to rear passenger door that need straightening. No paint removed, car is only 2 years old. Intend to claim on insurance tomorrow morning so please get back to me asap. Model: Toyota Rav 4

It does look like a tricky dent to do.  You may want to call us in the morning has if we can do it, it may save you one money and to convenience.  I would say you only have a 30% chance of having thisdent removed using paint this dent removal.  So you may just want to go ahead and claim on your insurance.  However we do put you in a no lose situation.  We do have a moneyback guarantee, as well.  Here is a link to our page where you can read the guarantee.

How we would do it.
We would book you in on a piggyback basis.  This is just our terminology.  Then our man could try and if it is successful, (80% better or more) then great, if it is not then we just don't charge you.
  We don't just get it to 80% and then quit.  We do often get the hundred percent.  And most people who get the 80% result are happy, because they have saved having to claim on their insurance or having to have a body shop repair.  However you do have the plan b option anyway, should you decide not to live with the remaining 20% if that were the case.  I hope this all makes sense to you, if not you could ask us in the morning.  The cost would be from £80 plus VAT to £120 plus VAT depending on the amount of work involved and the result.

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