Dent Removal Question from Simon Cooper

Submitted on 08/04/2010

My name is Simon Cooper I am based in Pitsea Essex. There a small dent (marked in red) and part of the paint chipped away and blue paint above the right wheel and would like them remove/repair. Right hand side of back boot there a dent and paint been chipped cracked away (marked in red) would like to have them remove. Inside of right hand boot there 3 chipped paint, possible to remove them?. Can you kindly give a quote please? Model: Honda Jazz 1.4 i-Shift

The picture of your book/tailgate a show dent with a crack above and below it.  This will need to be done at a body shop.  So for this reason, I would suggest it would fall in the category of MIDI Repair.  The second picture reveals cracked pant inside the tailgate aperture.  You may want to just touch this in as it hasn't started to rust and it doesn't really have to look that good. 
The third picture reveals some damage on the rear bumper corner as well as a dent on the rear arch.  On the bumper part there is a chip that has been touched in and you also have what we call paint transfer (paint from what ever made the damage i.e. red) around the damage.  I would suggest we try this be for you go to the body shop.  If we can remove the dent and scratches and paint transfer,  then this would mean the arch may not need to be painted.  There is a possibility that just a touch up on that chip at the end would mean the body shop would not need to do anything to it.
If you bought it in to us with us for painless dent removal and a cosmetic repair, then we would do our best.  If our best just would not achieve what we need too, then as you would still need to go to the body shop for the tailgate.  So you may as well ask them to do what we couldn't do if that makes any sense to you.

Okay, the prices.  For the nearside rear damage (bumper/arch), the cosmetic repair buffing and removing the red paint would be £30 including VAT and removing the dents would be £70 to £120 plus VAT.  I would suggest that we try to remove the dent first, because if this can be done then it would probably be worth doing the cosmetic repair.
My suggestion would be that if you're going to come here for the first part.  Then we are only a  6 mile Drive toKraftwork who will give you the price to do the tailgate.  You may as well deal with them direct, that's if you are not having any other work done by us.  It's a little cheaper.
The cracked paint inside the door aperture, we could just touch in for free.  Then again, if he didn't like this and want it perfect, while you're at Kraftwork, you can get them to give you a price to respray it.
The answer is a little complex, because you have three kinds of damage and effectively to of three different options on each.  So if he just wanted to just bring it down.  You don't have to commit yourself to anything we can explain and then you could pick the best option for you.

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