Dent Removal Question from Patch Brown

Submitted on 09/04/2010

Can this dent be fixed and if so how much would it cost? The dent is quite deep but the metal is not twisted please contact me by email thanks Model: peugeot 206


We have had a very good look at your dent.  (We have a zoom facility on our computer).  The leading edge of your dent is an unusual shape, we suspect that there is something behind it, which is caused it to not push in in the normal way.  You also have at that leading edge small scrapes that appear to have gone through the paint.


Paintless Dent Removal may still improve this dent by quite a large percentage something possibly between 80 and 90%.  However, you still have the issue of the scrapes/chipped front edge.  So rather than accept a compromise.  I think it would be worth you paying for a Midi Repair, not as much more as you think.
My guess is that to do paint this dent removal would be something like £120 plus VAT, and to do a midi repair would be something like  £180 plus VAT.  You could confirm these numbers by going to Kraftwork direct yourself.  That would work out just a little cheaper, and then make up your mind as to which route to follow.
We do do moneyback guarantee,  so if you were to decide to come to us to have the dent removed and then realised that you had made the wrong choice, because it just wasn't completely gone and you just couldn't live with it.  Then you can still have it done at a body shop.  You just have 30 days to do this and show us and we would then give you your money back.  In fact, because we have such a good relationship with Kraftwork, they will just take what you spend with us off your Bill.

My suggestion in this instance, is just to go straight to Kraftwork.

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