Odour Removal Question from Tom Ottignon

Submitted on 14/04/2010

My car suffered from water damage that was sorted out using Biobrisk. The majority of the car now smells fine but unfortunately the headlining now smells strongly of this chemical and I cant seem to remove the odour using car shampoo's. Any suggestions...would a steam clean work? Many thanks. (East London) Model: Passat Estate

We use ozone machines for this.  Basically, they just speed up time.
You could try leaving the windows open just half an inch or a little bit less than that for a week or so.  If this doesn't work, then you can buy ozone machines on eBay.  Or we have a very powerful one here, but it would mean you bring in it to us.  Even an ozone machine will not remove this smell in an instant.  You will have to put it in the car and let it work its wonders two or three times.

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