Hoods Question from Andy Tudor

Submitted on 16/04/2010

Recently purchased this, has been sitting for a long time, window is badly stained w birdpoo. Wondering if it can be polished out ? No amount of washing helps. I am in Ellesmere Port area cheers Andy T Model: Banham X21 Kitcar (Rover 100 based)

If the roof was fitted back so that it was held stretched.  Then maybe it could be improved, using a rotary buffing machine (don't dry this unless you are extremely experienced or the person who's doing it is)  We use lots and lots of water, and you can go very is surprisingly quiet course with the compounds as it is slightly different to machining paint.  However, I don't think it going to completely remove it.  You could try a car trimmer.  There are some links at the bottom of this page.  They may be able to take out the glass/plastic and put a new piece in.  Barton and sons just quoted £200 for doing this to a BMW and that was including the replacement plastic.

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