Dent Removal Question from Terry Hunter

Submitted on 22/04/2010

I live in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales which is a long way from Essex! I hope that you can repair the damage to the N/S/R door where I manoeuvered into an immoverable post with 2 ridges on it, whilst parking. The damage is quite deep on one of the two grooves, but access behind them is very good, as the whole of the centre of the door is covered by a plastic panel [approx 400mm diameter] that holds the speaker, window motor and runner. The paint seems to be intact, with just some paint from the post on it. I realise that the best solution is to replace the door, but these cars are not very common on the roads, let alone being stripped for spares and the right colour! I know that it would be possible to repair it in the normal way, but if I can get away with fixing this one without having to paint it, I would prefer to do that ! As a last resort, I will have to fit a new door....then the paint probably won't match or something! Model: Mazda CX-7

I don't quite get it from your pictures.  It looks like you and fix your problem, one of the doors show damage, and then in the next picture it shows it is okay ?


You would need a new door anyway, just in case you wanted to know.  The damage is far too severe for Paintless dent removal.  I suspect he is gone be on a Midi Repair.  So you may want to claim on your insurance.

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