Dent Removal Question from Mark Andrews

Submitted on 22/04/2010

Hello. Some drunken idiot walked over the top of my car at the weekend, and has left a dent in the rear of the roof (see picture) and also one on the small rear panel which has the hi-level brake light in, between the pop-up spoiler and the rear screen (see picture). The paint is unbroken on both dents, and both are shallow - approx 3mm on the roof and approx 1mm on the rear. The size of the roof dent is about the size of an outstretched hand, and the rear is approx 3cm long. I'm in Cranleigh, Surrey, postcode GU6 7BQ. Many thanks. Model: Porsche 996 coupe

Hi Mark,

You have my deepest sympathies. I asked one of our experts for an opinion and he said, "Hanging is too good for 'em".

It's borderline that this would need a bodyshop... but the bodyshop would need to get the dent's out anyway and dent technicians are far better at it.

I would suggest that you get it down to us and we'll see what we can do. I have to say, the roof is not going to easy either way --- it's a behind the headlining which doesn't just up-pop. And because Porsches are built to have a stiff shell, there is a fair chance that this is a double skinned area and we might not be able to get to it.

If we can't do anything at all, you can drive staright on to Kraftwork for a Midi Repair... however, we think we may be able to at least make it better -- as I say, the bodyshop would need to get the dents out anyway, if Chris can make a big difference, it would save Davide the job... so I think it would be well worth trying.

Normally we have a money back guarantee that means that means if you are not satisfied with the dent removal, we give your money back when you have a bodyshop repair. But in this case that would not apply, as the dent removal would be in conjunction with the bodyshop repair (if it comes to that) and Chris would have a lot of work to do to gain access.

I think we can help... so if you'd like to discuss it further and likely costs, please give us a call. And quote question no. 1870 so they know who you are.

Kind Regards
The New Again Team.

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