Accident Clean-up Question from Kerri Gilbranch

Submitted on 23/05/2008

Hi there Wondering if you can help me. We spilt heating oil in our car a few weeks ago, we were told to get rid of the oil with petrol, so we cleared the boot (most of the oil had ended up in the spare tyre well in the boot). We used an old towel and dabbed petrol on it and then wiped up the oil. This got rid of the oil, but obviously not the smell. We still have a lingering smell of oil/petrol in the car. Do you have any recommendations we could try to remove the smell ? Thank you Kind Regards Kerri Gilbranch

Fuel smells are one of the more difficult odours to remove. We do have a special product for this, but it's not the kind of thing you can buy in the shops, and it does involve a process of which this treatment is only a part.

So it's something we could do for you, but there isn't really anything I advise for doing it yourself.


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