Paintwork Correction Question from Helen Parker

Submitted on 19/05/2010

Hi, I brought a new Corsa in Flame Red solid colour with supaguard last May. It is an 09 plate and I have had it from new. Last week I washed the car with turtlewax car shampoo and must have got grit or something abrasive in my sponge because where I rubbed the body panels to remove dirt it has left scratches and patches of lighter coloured paintwork and damaged the car appearance. Paint ran off the car when I washed off the shampoo. I also have more than 10 stone chips on the front and side panels of the car and it has hit right through to the primer and below. Vauxhall have basically told me the paintwork warranty wont help and supaguard are reluctant to help even though they cover fading for three years. I need to get the car fixed as it looks a mess. I am based in Croydon. I have attached some photos showing the damage to the paintwork. After buying this car new I am keen to see what can be done other than a full respray which will be expensive. Any help or advice would be very welcome. Thank you! Model: Vauxhall Corsa Active 1.2 enginee Flame Red

something doesn't sound right.  Supagard are usually extremely good with things like this.  I know they don't guarantee  the car against stone chips, but they don't  usually not look at the situation.


Why don't you bring it down for us to have a look at it.  Give us a call and make an arrangement to bring it down.  Then we will advise you the best way to go ahead.  Whether that means going back to your dealer with more knowledge, or contacting Supagard. 

 We have a very good relationship with Supagard, or whether it is something that you may have done yourself.  I'm sure we can do something about it all.
We will be open from 8 a.m. tomorrow.

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