Dent Removal Question from Julian Scott

Submitted on 03/07/2008

I reversed at very low speed into an overhanging tree branch. The ding is approx 5cm x 5cm centred on the boot lip. There is absolutely no paint damage apart from a minute scuff about 0.5mm long which I'm sure I could polish out. My main concern is that if the dent can be removed so that no distortions show in reflected light - i.e. the original shape is restored. I have attached a photo including the rear quarter light and a close up of the ding. Thank-you Model: BMW 528SE 1998

I know we say we can do them if the paintwork is undamaged, and we are capable of doing quite a size... but this really isn't what we would describe as a 'ding'.

The bodywork here is pretty badly mangled even though there is no broken paintwork... at least it isn't obviously broken. It almost certain that it is actually fractured quite badly, and if it isn't now, it would be by the time you try bending this back. There is no way you could work on this long before the paint starts to flake.

The other problem with this kind of dent is that on any dent, the bodywork streaches, none more so than when the dent ocurs over a right-angle shoulder. So I'm afraid that you would never be able to repair this so that you end up with no distortions.


It needs to go to a panel beater I'm afraid. Sorry
If you are in our area, you could try Kraftwork or take a look on MotorTrades.

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