Dent Removal Question from Carol Vaisey

Submitted on 16/07/2010

A bin fell against my vehicle, there are 3 dents the main concern is the one at the top not sure if paintwork affected. Have enclosed a number of pictures to give a clearer view. Model: Renault Megane Convertible


All the dents appear to be on that same rear quarter panel.

Two look quite straight forward but one doesn't (picture one or the highest one).

So I would suggest you try to get this done, then if it can be done,ask him to check that he can do the others, then go a head and have them all done. If it can't be done, then leave the others as you will need a Midi Repair  or an insurance claim anyway. Then have a read of the page I have linked to as you maybe convinced to try and have a mad  Smart Repair done. Also please note that although both the passenger door and boot are totally undamaged, they may need to be resprayed to blend the colour. To be honest, you only have, between ten and twenty percent chance of that dent coming out. Your going to need the best dent man having a good day and lots of luck for that dent to look acceptable.

You haven't put where you live, so if we are too far to come then a have a read of this and the link below will take you to how to get the best from the auto trader. You may need this to find a good body shop if the dent can't be removed.

Sorry I couldn't give you great news Good luck.

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