Detailing Question from Frederik J.W Nijen Twilhaar

Submitted on 05/09/2010

could you please advise me on engine cleaning. don't mind to pay for it. Model: jaguar XJ-S V12


Tricy one.

Ill do my best.

We use various different products for cleaning engine bays. My favorite is call multi spray 1000 made by a company called Innotec. It works well with rubbers and plastics.

We don't use steam cleaners any more, as the results don't out weigh the problems.

You can spray and brush your cold engine and the compartment and it will not only remove the grease and grime, it will protect it and it looks good, not too false. If its a bit messy, then use a pair of rubber gloves and some cleaning paper and then Finnish off with a microfibre. Use plenty for best results.

Remember your grime/grease will need to be caught under the car if you are spraying lots of grease away, so put an old towel under the front of the car, then dispose of the towel responsibly.

Good luck

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