Buying and Selling Question from Terry Bray

Submitted on 17/09/2010

Hi, I have a Honda Civic (Nightingale Black) that I’m about to put up for sale so need to have some problems fixed. I have attached pictures of all the areas. The main area of concern is a splatter of paint starting from the front wheel arch and along the passenger door. On the same door I have a scuffed area about 10-12 inch’s long I then have a small stone chip on the same front wing And finally 3 of my alloys need refurbishing. 1 & 2 have numerous scuffs all around but 3 just has the single scuff as shown. Are you able to provide an estimate for this work to be carried out? Thanks, Terry Model: Honda Civic


Have a look at this page, then I would suggest bringing it down for us to have a look at it. I car like that will need to look great to sell it as its a enthusiast's car. How ever I would sill not have everything done to the highest level. As an example, I would suggest just a touch up for one or two of those wheels.

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I can't give you a price for removing the splutter as we don't know how long it will take to do. How we do it, is to do an hour at £40 plus vat, then if hasn't come off, then we can then estimate how long it will take to get the rest off.

Here's a link to our wheel refurbishment prices.

The scuff we maybe able to take care of using paint correction.

And the dent removal prices are here.

If you want to call us or bring it here, then here's a link to our contact page where you can find out how fare we are and the directions.

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