Accident Clean-up Question from Andrew Nisbett

Submitted on 16/11/2010

Water has managed to find its way into drivers side of car after leaves managed to block up the drain hole under the battery in the scuttle area of the car - or at least that's what I was told,. This is a common problem with this make of car. The carpet needs to be removed and the water that's trapped in the spongy foam underside needs to be extracted and the carpet dried i guessing? I have managed to extract all visible surface water in the cabin and scuttle area but cannot get to what lies beneath. Car is based in West Sussex near to East Grinstead Model: VW Passat 2.5TDI V6 Saloon


Yes we have done lot of those. We will need to lift up the carpet and dry it. But I would suggest you sort the problem first.

You may want to watch this video. I would suggest that we do it asap before it starts to smell. If you want, we maybe able to start it tomorrow,but we may need it a few days as we will need to dry it a couple of times over night.

Give us a call, we are open from 8am tomorrow.

Just looking at goggle maps we are one hour twenty six minutes from here so you may want to find a local valet company that maybe able to help you.

They will need a work shop because the drivers seat will need to be removed and the carpet will need to be lifted, then you/them will need a blower. A well plced fan heater would do it. Not too close.

Have a look at the article called How to get the best from the autotrader. You will find a link at the bottom of this page. Then I wish you well.

If you don't have any luck then we can take it on.

Don't leave it too long as if it starts to smell, then it will need oder removal products which would mean you will more than likely need to bring it all the way round to us.

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