Buying and Selling Question from Tuoyo Ejueyitchie

Submitted on 11/01/2011

I am based in Leytonstone. I wish to sell my car within the next two months. The car has some damage and would like to know: (i) if it is worth fixing it before selling or I am better off selling as is; (ii) if you are able to fix the damage; and (iii) if you are able to fix the damage, how much it would cost. The damage the car has is as follows: (i) scratches on front right bumber; (ii) scratches on front left bumber; (iii) crack on right side wing; (iv) brick dent on right side door; (v) 2 small indents on right side door (not very obvious from photo - similar to the one on the boot, as though it has been kicked) (vi) scratch on right sie door (vii) scratches on middle side of rear bumper (viii) scratches on left side of rear bumper (ix) scratches on left rear side of car (but on the bumper) (x) small indent on tip of the boot. Attached are pictures showing the damage to the car. Model: BMW 520i (53 Registration)


Have a read of this page, then if you want to get a couple of valuations before you call us and bring it down, we can advise you on the most cost effective way to go about the repairs and what would be the ones worth leaving or just improving.

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