Dent Removal Question from Teresa Bell

Submitted on 31/01/2011

Please can you (from pictures attached) let me know whether you are able to remove dent and touch up paintwork to remove scratches please. A rough price and an estimation as to when this work can be carried out please. I live in Bromley, Kent. I look forward to hearing from you. Teresa Bell Model: Mercedes CLK Convertible

 Quite a read on afraid but I think if you really and the links it would be worth it.

I've had a second opinion on it and we think it may be worth trying, I suspect that you have a 60% chance of getting a 95% result on the dent and an 70% chance of getting the dent 80% better or more. If that makes any sense. This would cost somewhere between £80 plus VAT to £120 plus VAT. Plus the cost of the paint correction which would be £30 plus VAT  However the scratches are very difficult to see exactly how deep they are. If it has gone through the paint and it would need touching in, then I would say that this is not going to produce the result you want. (A touch up on that part of the car in would just not look very good) If it can be buffed with our machine, in other words paint correction, then I think we could probably achieve a good enough result.
My suggestion is to have another good look at the front edge where it is scratched, to see if you can determine whether you think it may be able to be buffed or whether you can clearly see that it the paint is damaged and that it would need to be sprayed. If you're not sure then I would suggest you get a second opinion before coming all the way over here to have the dent removed,  only to find out the paint scratch could not be removed using paint correction, or a touch up would just be not good enough. If you want us a call, and explain over the phone then please do. Have a quick read of this article, which will explain why your wing is not a suitable area for (localised paint) smart repair.  Or if you wanted to bring it over on what we call the piggyback basis, then if we determine that it is just not going to be successful, you could drive straight onto Kraftwork who are about 10 min drive may be 15 min from here. Who would be able to give you an estimate on what it would cost to repair and re-sprayed it.

Lastly if you do have another look at it, and see that the paint is indeed too badly damaged, then you may want to see the can find a good bodyshop in your area. Have a read of the article, how to get the best from the auto trader, you can find a link to the bottom of this page. Expect to pay somewhere be to a £275 and £375 plus VAT for a MIDI repair on this.

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