Detailing Question from adam edmunds

Submitted on 05/02/2011

I want to have the dash board in my clio re-painted, it is as standard which is two-tone grey and blue, I want to have it all re done in black. Is this something you can do and what would the cost be roughly ? Thanks Adam Model: clio 172 mk2 phase 1

it's not something we recommend, in fact I can't remember us ever doing one.
The problem is all the switches and dials and all the little bits and pieces. To do it properly they will all need to be removed, in fact I would think most of the dashboard would have to come out. Possibly also the screen.
I have seen done before but invariably they don't look right, it's all the little details around the edges the switches that have to be right. Plus if it's done by an amateur then often it can peel up. In order for it to last you need special primers which are mainly made up of solvents which melt the plastic surface before the colour goes on.
The other problem is that you may be up against is, coating over airbag panels. We won't do it because potentially it could be a problem later if the airbag was to go off.
You could try buying some armour all and shinning the whole dashboard. And then get a damp microfibre to dull it off a bit. Okay I know it's not going to change the colour, but it will change what it looks like. In fact I had a dashboard on my car recently that I didn't like. And yes it did work from me.
I hope this helps.

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