Lease Car Advice Question from Andy Kerr

Submitted on 08/02/2011

On return of a car following end of a personal lease plan Mercedes are attempting to charge for a roof respray for what they claim is an area of bird lime damage. They argue that this constitutes 'industrial / chemical fall-out or other forms of contamination'. Does this sound like something which would be classified as an unacceptable return condition. Thanks Model: Mercedes Benz A Class


If the bird lime is caught in time, then it can be removed with out it leaving any damage. Even if it has left a bad stain, it can often be removed using paint correction (you may want to watch the videos). However if can eat right through the paint, I have even seen bear metal where it has completely removed the under coats as well. Both Supagard and Diamondbright (the uk's two biggest paint sealant company's) have clauses and special instructions, even wipes and spray neutralizers to remove it. Most lease company's will send you pictures with the invoice for the damage. If you wanted to forward them on to us, by either scanning them and loading them up below, or here's a link to our address.

The honest truth is that even if we think we can remove it, its more than lightly too late as the lease company will normally be processing the car.

The BVLRA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) have advice on regular polishing (page 14 of the fair wear guide).

Also lastly if your lease company is a member of the BVRLA, then they may have agreed the terms of the conciliation process.

Give them a call and ask them what is the procedure for conciliation. On page five of the guide, you will find this address:

The Director General, British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, River Lodge Badminton Court Amersham

Hp7 Odd

Good Luck

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