Dent Removal Question from Simon Haydon

Submitted on 07/03/2011

Hi, I'm in Edinburgh so don't suppose I'd be using you but grateful if you're still willing to advise me on this dent in my tailgate. It's pretty shallow and the paintwork's not broken but you'll see there are some dirty little scratches in the dent itself and down below it. (Tailgate had an argument with the rough corner of a plastic motorcycle pannier.) Would the paintless method work on this? Could the scratches be polished out (or at least reduced?) Thanks for your help. Model: BMW 1 Series Hatchback


It's difficult to see in your picture as to how deep those scratches are.

My suggestion is to scroll down to the bottom of this page and find a how to get the best from the auto trader article. Try to find a good painless dent removal company in your area, some are mobile and some you may need to go to. Have a read of this page which will help you. Your painless dent removal technician will always carry some kind compound with them so ask them, what kind of overall result could you expect. Then make up your mind as to whether you go to a bodyshop for a, what we call a MIDI repair. A good bodyshop would charge something between say £125-£175 plus VAT to respray your tailgate. Whereby if you can accept a slight compromise by going the painless dent removal route, expect to pay somewhere around £50 to £100 plus VAT.

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