Upholstery Question from David fining

Submitted on 23/03/2011

I have a KIA sadona the outside middle seats have broken it is not under warranty.KIA do not have the parts,however it is repairable.I understand that sadonas manufactured 05 and before are different size to my sadona 08. My question is! Will the side mechanism from a 05 or before fit my Sadona on an 08 model I'm in the city of York Model: KIA sadona 2008


I would recommend you call your dealer parts department. Just explain your problem. Most parts guys are very helpful if your are honest and explain that you are hoping to get one on ebay or from a breakers. If they are a bit busy when you call, ask them when is a good time to call. If the first one doesn't seem to want to help, then call the next.

One other thing, if all else fails and you can't get anywhere, you may find a good car trimmer (Read the article called how to get the best from the autotrader, you will find a link at the  bottom of this page your on) will take it apart and fix or even make it stronger that it was before. Ask your dear parts man, is this a common problem.

Barton and Sons have a very good relationship with a welder as they sometimes have the broke frame problem so you may find that a good trimmer in your area may help.

Good luck.


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