Paintwork Correction Question from Jack Urquhart

Submitted on 06/04/2011

I bought a black 2011 Ford Escape about 1 month ago. After washing it about 3 times at the "touchless" car wash, I noticed a swirl and holograms just on the front driver side door. I've had a black car before that never did this. I've heard that it's caused from the delearship improperly buffing it and after washing it a few times it will show up. Is that true? Should they fix it? What do you recommend? Thanks for your help. Model: Ford Escape


Its difficult without pictures, but if the swirls are only on the door, then it does sound like your right. It should be an easy fix for the dealer. Have a read of this article to give you an idea. Then take it back to the dealer. But first take some pictures when the light is making it obvious. These things have a habit of not looking so bad when your trying to explain to the dealer that your not happy.

Good Luck

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