General Question from Lauren Burnside

Submitted on 25/04/2011

Hello! I have my car booked in to have some work done on the paintwork and whilst booking it in (with Arron) started discussing what sort of alloys I should put on my car (didn't know the name of the bloke i was talking to, sorry!). Have attached pics of wheels I quite like the look of, what do you think? I would really appreciate your opinion. Thank you Lauren Burnside Model: Audi TT 2001 Black


Yes it was me Gary.

Picture number  five, meaning the one with the twin spokes is the best one. The others are a little too open. I'm not sure if they are dark on the sides of the spokes, however I did see a black tt the other day with dark wheels and it did look ok but it was moving. If you are going to look at the dark wheels, then don't make the mistake of going for black as it makes the tyres look Grey. You need to go for anthracite which is dark Grey, which will  look black. Or if you went for two colour. However two colour may look attractive at the beginning, but if you scrape them they are very difficult to get repaired. You may want to look at this page.  

I would recommend you go for an Audi wheel that is the same age or preferably newer, try ebay. You can then call Audi and speck to parts, ask them when is a good time to call them or pop in. Show them what wheels you want to buy and ask them will they fit.  The wheels I sent you will look miles better. For you, without worrying about the next owner.

Please Send me some more pictures if you want.

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