Accident Clean-up Question from Ben Tocknell

Submitted on 07/08/2008

I have recently started a new job and my company car is a 3rd hand Vectra, the person who had it before me used to take their dogs out in it and now the whole car smells of wet dog. I've tried hoovering, I've tried febreze, I've tried spraying neutradol around the interior, I've tried the A/C aresols, even a professional valet, Nothing has got rid of the smell. My Boss says I can spend up to about �80 to get it properly sorted. What can you do? Model: Vauxhall Vectra

Hello Ben

Dog smells are usually quite difficult to remove from cars

a cherry air freashener will help if you only have it for a short time.

If you have to have the car for a long time then i would suggest you call us.

we would reclean your car then take it through our process.

i would recomend you ask your boss to call us, as there are options of odour kill service and if you take the lower option first then if it doesnt work then he/she  is aware there maybe a need for more, like taking the car apart. This is rare but cars do have spillages and without prior knowledge it can sometimes difficult.

if your car has to go back to a lease company later this is a bvrla lease return fail and you could be charged for this and if it is later put up for sale then most people will pass it up for a cleaner  smelling car even the trade. 

i hope this helps

kind regard

the new again team

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