Dent Removal Question from Declan

Submitted on 24/05/2011

Hi, The story goes that my friend had parked too close to me and as i reversed my wing mirror went into the side of his car, it has caused a scratch which he claims is a dent and their is also a dent on his door. The dent on the door isn't that large but if he is right about the scratch being a dent then it isn't deep but it is long. i live in northampton. i was wondering roughly how much it would cost to remove the dents? Model: Renault Clio 3 door


yes I can see what you mean, and indeed there is a dent. I'm afraid there is no real easy fix for that kind of damage. It will need to be repaired and re-sprayed at a good bodyshop. The dent is too close to the edge to really be able to get it right using painless dent removal and it is scratched anyway. So I would suggest that you have a read of this page. This should give you the idea, and then if you scroll down to the bottom of this page that you're on. Have a read of the auto trader article which should help you find a good bodyshop in your area. I would suggest that it would cost somewhere between 300 and £400 approximately that is.
I would suggest that you watch these two videos.

Sorry to have to tell you that.

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