Dent Removal Question from David Collins

Submitted on 25/05/2011

Hi, I have two small dents on my nearside. One in the front wing which is circular and probably caused by some kind of impact with a ball and another very small 'line dent' in the side of my front passenger door, where someone else kindly rammed their door into my car. It does go over the crease in the panel. I have tried to show the damage in the photographs. The front wing dent is about the size of plum or a smaller item. The door dent isn't very visible in the photos but it is noticeable in real life, especially when the sun is on the car. My location is BR2 7PP. Hayes, Bromley, Kent. I would like a quote for the removal of my dents as I have aiming for 100% bodywork. Many Thanks Model: Rover 100

although the one on the wing is quite big, potentially it is the easier of the two. Although it may take a little longer to do normally the access insider wing is very good. The cost to do this one would be £70-£120 plus VAT depending on the work involved and the result. You may want to read our guarantees and prices here. The other one would only be £40 plus VAT if it's the size of a 50 p or smaller. That's what it looks like in the picture anyway. If you would like to give us a call and book it in then please do. I would suggest that you mention your question number. We are open from 8an tomorrow.

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