Lease Car Advice Question from tracy byrne

Submitted on 04/06/2011

I have just returned my lease car and received a bill of £850.00. This relates to 2 x scuffs- alloy wheels ay £45.00 each Cigar light element. - Personally, we do not recall having a lighter when we had the car and my husband stated he recalls buying one. We have been charged £40 for this, which includes 30 minutes labour. The main thing was the front carpet. I have leased a number of cars and always had mats supplied within a week of delivery. The lease co alwayts supplied the mats. I had the car and no mats arrived. I diod not get any and never thought about it. They are claiming the carpet is worn and charging me 400 for new carpet throughout the front of the car. I also have a abort charge, of 225 as they came to collect it and I had a repair rot scratches on the door which they said were unacceptable- I took them back to the garage nwho re-did them. It is money i can ill afford as i was made redundanty last week. Help Model: Citreon C-Crosser

I'm very sorry to hear what has happened. You have obviously tried to do something before giving your car back and unfortunately it just hasn't really worked out at all.
I would suggest that you give you all lease company a call and explain your circumstances. I wouldn't bother mentioning the mats as not all lease companies supply mats and most companies are making cuts at the moment. I think the abort mission charge is quite a lot. So you may want to ask them if it were possible to have another look at your total bill and see if they can help.
I'm afraid holes in carpets are expensive to deal with. Not all smart repair technicians can do them so not every lease company knows there is a smart repair option.
Lease companies are finding it hard as well as everyone else at the moment, they will have to try and sell your car to get their profit and unfortunately if it has all these things wrong with it, then the dealer will want to pay less for it. They are usually sold at auction and if you are a dealer, you're not going to bid very high on a car that has damage. So in effect this costs somewhere and unfortunately when you signed up your a lease agreement, you will have agreed to give the car back in an acceptable condition. Usually to a standard like the BVRLA fair wear and tear standard. I know it's all a bit late now. Sorry I could not have been much more help.
Good luck

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