Buying and Selling Question from Gosagan Gopalakrishnan

Submitted on 29/06/2011

Vandals dented the roof of my car last year and though it's small, the paint has flaked off and there's some superficial rusting. I wanted to sell it and the trade price listed is £3600 but the dealer has only offered me £1500, saying that it is destined for the auction house and they'll only be able to sell it for £2000. I wanted to tart it up a bit and see if I could sell it privately but the dent on the roof will put alot of buyers off. Do you think this is something that could have a smart repair? Model: 2004 Volvo S60 Saloon.


That would need to be done at a bodyshop, have a look at this page, expect to pay around £300 plus vat for that to be repaired as the whole roof would need to be resprayed to do it properly.

This video is a must for anyone having any bodywork or Smart Repairs done.  However a car of this age would have a couple couple of things.

I Would suggest you have a read of our sellers guide which will give you a very good idea of what you will get for it privately. Follow the valuation instruction. Then if you are going to sell it your self, I would suggest that you carefully scrape the rusty area with a flat bladed screw driver, then touch it up. Here's an article on how to touch it up. You may want to do a few others while your doing it. Then when show your buyer around, show them what you have done. If they take the touch up from you, they can do it again in a years time. You could do that for years. Offer the some money off the car. Maybe two hundred pounds. And don't forget, your car won't be the only one with a mark or two.

Good Luck

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