Dent Removal Question from Mr Elia Ismail

Submitted on 07/08/2011

Hi, i have had the car since October last year, but there are many dents in my car, i have been to a few body repair shops in my area, and they quote me a price for the repair on my car, i was just wondering if you can do it any cheaper, the places where i have the dents are as followed:- i) R/P/S above the bumper (picture included) ii) N/S/F above the tire (Picture Included) iii) Rear Passenger Door near the bottom (Picture included) iv) Rear Passenger Door, next to drivers side (Picture Included) V) small dent by driver side passenger door, back (Picture Included) Most of the dents are my fault but some were there when i got the car, the back dent is where i hit a wall reversing, the passenger side door dent is when i hit a pole, the dent by the wheel was there when i got it, the other small dent hardly noticeable, was there already. I live in Swadlincote area, near Burton-Upon-Trent which is just 20 minutes from Derby It would be grateful if you can tell me a price on how much it would cost me to get them sorted, i am not too worried about most of them, but the rear dent i am worried about and the rear passenger side door dent i am worried about, the others are not that much noticeable. I would be grateful for your response in helping me out on this occasion, and if you can do them, to a high standard where it looks normal, i would highley recommend your company to others Thanks Model: Fiat Punto 1.2 Acitve 8V, 54 Plate 5 Door

Mr Elia Lsmail

I would suggest you need a good bodyshop for that job.

Hav e a read of this page which will give you an idea of how we do it down here. Then if you go to the bottom of this page, you will find the autotrader article. That will help you find a good comopany near you.

I would also suggest you watch these videos which will help you. 


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