Smart Repairs Question from James Morley

Submitted on 16/08/2011

I am from London. I am considering getting the three following issues repaired. Photos are attached: 1. Dent - there is a small dent on the top of the bonnet with a small chip in the paint. 2. Above wheel scratch - the above wheel area is scratched. The scratch is the length of a £5 note. There is a scond scratch which is the width of a £2 coin. 3. Bumper damage - the bumper has a number of scratches and paint chips. One sratch on the front right of the car is two £5 notes in length and has a couple of paint chips next to the scratch (small tahn a 5p coin). On the left side there are also some scratches. Can you please let me know what you think including the cost of the repairs. Model: BMW 330 Ci


The damage on the front bumper could be Smart Repaired. However I would recommend you have the whole bumper resprayed. As the cost wouldn't be much more. Two Small Area Resprays would be eighty five pounds plus vat each. Where if you were to go directly to Kraftwork, who we use, they would only charge £199 plus vat or £235 plus vat (depending on whether the bumper would have to come off or not) to completely respray the whole bumper.

Then the Dent could be either touched up, or the whole bonnet would need to be completely resprayed. Again I would recommend Kraftwork. Lastly the arch would again need to be done at a Good bodyshop. Have a look at these videos which would help you avoid the pitfalls that people make. Heres a link to the page where you will find a link to Kraftworks website.

Good Luck

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