Dent Removal Question from Joe Clarke

Submitted on 05/11/2011

Hi - I have a few small-ish parking dents (both driver's and passenger side) plus also a roof which is buckled in a few places thanks to local yobs using it as a trampoline! There is also one deep scratch (passenger side) which is refusing to be polished away... the dings are quite hard to photograph. Hope the uploaded images can give an idea of size etc. Any idea on a rough guide, if they can be repaired (the roof lining may have to be dropped for the roof). I am in Croydon, Surrey but have attended a few car shows in Chelmsford. The above tel number is a work one. Cheers. Joe Model: Ford Focus mk 2 (2007)

Hi Joe,

The roof seems a tricky one if im honest.

What i would suggest is book the car in. for the door one anyway because that seems like one we can almost defiantly do. Then while our dent guy is here we can give the roof a go.

Thje price for the door will be £72. if we can do the roof. it will be between £72 and £144 but to be straight with you. it more then likely going to be the top end of that price.

The scratch is somethign we could also try whiel the car is here. We use paint correction and wet sanding. we charge £30.60 for a rugby ball sized area.

If neither the dents or the scratches can be resloved with paintless dent removal or paint crorrection. then im afraid it will be a visit to a bodyshop. But lets corss that bridge when we come to it.

Give us a call to book it in.. we take a £50 booking deposit to do so.

We would need the car for 2 to 3 hours.


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