Paint Sealants Question from michael anthony

Submitted on 01/09/2008

hi, ok i am considering the autoglym lifeshine treatment on my mazda 3 sport. my car is about 6 months old. should i clay the car before the treatment? should i do anything else before the treatment? how easy is it to clay the car? will it make a difference? also after the treatment has been compleate can i put a layer carnuba wax on top of the treatment? i was looking at Meguiars Deep Crystal Carnauba Car Wax Step 3. is this suitable to put over the top of the sealent or could you recommend something better? thanks mike Model: mazda 3 sport saloon, black

I would think that claying your car would be a good idea. Otherwise, any crud that has attached it's self to your paintwork will get sealed in under the LifeShine.

Whoever you take your car to do apply the Lifeshine will quite likely clay-bar a car thats not new anyway. They may even buff the paintwork if it has picked up swirl marks. It's best to think of sealants like an extra coat of lacquer, and not as a type of wax -- so preparation of the paint is important before application.

You can put most waxes over a sealant if you really want to... the LifeShine kit comes with super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection. However, you may have to be careful of some Carnauba waxes as they may contain a lot of solvents used to disolve the carnauba resin. Most liquid waxes should be okay, but beware of some of the waxes you buy in a tub, especially those that smell like nail varnish remover, or of bananas, pears or other fruit. They would probably be alright, but they could damage the sealant. You will also have to check the terms of the warranty about what you can and cannot apply over the top. Unfortunately I can't quote you the small print as I don't have one handy at the moment.

Frankly, if you want to apply your own choice of waxes over a sealant, I'm not sure that Lifeshine is the right choice for you. Lifeshine doesn't have any real advantage over Supagard or Diamondbrite, what sets it appart is that it comes with all the AutoGlym gear... if you aren't going to use this, then maybe you would be better off choosing Supagard? At least two of the guys here would argue that it gives a better shine anyway. for me, I can't tell the difference between them.

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