Paintwork Correction Question from Antony Griffiths

Submitted on 12/12/2011

I have two vandal scratches, one on the bonnet and one on the rear panel driver side. Neither of the scratches are down to the body work but it has taken the paint away. I need to know the best thing to do, I would like to avoid going to a body shop if possible due to the cost. I am in Tamworth, Postcode B77 1AS Model: BMW 320d Coupe


You could touch it in for the time being. Because it is dark it won't show quite as much,but it think eventually your going to need to get it resprayed at a bodyshop. If you are going to delay claiming on your insurance, then you may want to call them and ask if they have a time limit as to when you claim or report the problem. Have a read of this page, then have a go at touching it up. I suspect it won't look much better, but it should hold the potential rust back. Don't worry if you don't make a very good job of it. A cleaning thinners will wipe if off, even after winter. Or you maybe able to get it cosmetically improved but the results will only be, at best 60% better. If you want to this route, have a read of the article below called, how to get the best from the autotrader. That will help you find paint touch up wiz kid.

Don't make the mistake of getting it Small Area Resprayed. I would strongly recommend you watch both these two videos.

Good Luck

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