Odour Removal Question from Rita Looker

Submitted on 10/01/2012

On Christmas Eve I spilled milk in the well of the passenger side and also on both front seats - I tried bicarb of soda and also vinegar, neither worked so I had the car valeted by a professional who used a bio spray on it after he had cleaned it twice. Still no joy - smell is better but I can still smell the milk when I open the door - can you advise or tell me where the nearest milk remover specialst is near to Durham City please? Model: Golf Plus TDI 2.00 - I think


For that problem we use a very strong enzyme (biological) cleaner called Enz-all made by Chemspec. You could use a liquid biological laundry wash machine cleaner. Even then you may have to the job a two or three times to get rid of the problem. It has to be used quite hot (not too hot as it will kill it) and you will need rubber gloves to protect your hands. You will need to make sure you don't miss a bit so I would do a good over lap. You will also need a powerful extraction machine to rinse the whole area.

Try to imaging what a washing machine would do. It would be easy if you could remove the seats and carpets, then put them in a giant washing machine. Also drying it with a bath towel, then a hair dryer can help. Although the rest of the car will smell because the smell clings to every thing, it will not have much staying power, so clean all surfaces with a foam cleaner which you can get from any car accessory shop.  Concentrate on the hard surfaces like the glass and in the corners.

You may have to do it all again in a week, however it will get better each time you do it.

We do have more powerful products for powerful odours. But you can't buy these in the UK any more. We are a long way from you, so I think you would be better to keep trying till its gone. You may want read this page paying attention to the links at the bottom of the D I Y part.

Good Luck.

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