Dent Removal Question from jason peckham

Submitted on 10/01/2012

Hi, I'm hoping you can help. Someone has opened a door onto my car and I'd like to understand if it's possible for you to repair the damage and if so what the cost will be. There are 5 areas of damage photo 006. The first 3 are the most important to repair. There may be a need for a very small amount of pant work? Top dent photos 7, 8, 14, Second dent down photos 11 and 14. This is just a dent no damage to paint Third area is on the door strip photos 10 and 11 is a paint chip Fourth and fifth areas of damage are only small. photo 9 Please let me know if you can help, the cost and how long the repairs will take I'm based near Rickmansworth or Lewes East Sussex. Thanks Kind regards Jason Peckham Model: Audi A4 Avant

Hi Jason

Thanks for your question.

Looking at your photos I would think we can help you,

In regards to the small paint chips, we would make a neat job of touching them in with a close match paint or you could bring your own. I'm afraid there is no magic, if you want them perfect you would have to respray the affected areas, which would not be cost affective.

As long as there is reasonable access form behind the dent then we should gain a good improvement. Dents up to the size of 50p (car parking size) or a set price of £72.00 for the first, second dents on the same panel would be £24.00. Subsequent dents on different panels would be £48.00

Dents bigger then 50p in size would have a price of £84-£144.00, larger dents would be £96-£144.00 all including VAT. 

Click here for our dent repair page and here for all our contact info if you want to discuss booking options.

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