Dent Removal Question from Daniel

Submitted on 15/02/2012

Hi. Was advised to contact you by LVW. I live in Little Sutton which is not far from Chester, Cheshire. Dropped a car battery on front wing of. Does not seem to have damaged the paint but there is a V in the dent. I hope the photos will give you an idea. Yes, I do want a proper job done but do have to watch the cash, don't we all? Can prepare onto a jack, wheel off and also will remove inner plastic guard. Can you please give me a quote to repair? Thanks Model: Mazda MX5 MK1 1995 Classic Red


I would suggest you try and find a good dent technician in your area. Our man has had a good look at your pictures which aren't very good. We think that a good technician would be able to get that dent some where between seventy percent better and maybe if your lucky, eighty percent. Have a look at this page which will help you find a good companies in your area.We would charge somewhere between  £96 and £144 inc vat I must stress that we are going by your pictures. If the paint is cracked, then we can't see that.

Lastly, if you want a hundred percent result, then it's very likely  that you will need a new wing. My guess is, that this may end up costing quite a lot as not only will the wing need to be fitted and repainted, but the door, possibly the whole side of the car, the headlight cover and the bonnet. In order to match the colours in. So you may want to have a look around the net or some breakers for a red wing that is very closely colored as I believe they bolt on.

Good Luck

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