Buying and Selling Question from Marilyn

Submitted on 25/02/2012

Hi Gary I am really interested in buying this car as there are not many of this colour about. I know it is a bigger job than you n=usually take on but do you think you could do something with it? I've attached a picture of it plus another that shows what it should look like. Look forward to hearing from you. Marilyn Model: Hyundai Coupe


I called Dave from Kraftwork for his advice as well as the people who have it and lastly Hyundai.

Hyundai Chelmsford were very helpful, they even called me back. Jerry in sales found forty three good ones but not in that colour? Then he offered to call us if he was too find one in that colour and auto.

Parts said that the parts were easy to get and if they wasn't available, they were usually very easy to get within a few days. Well done lads.

David from Kraftwork was also very helpful.

He said he wouldn't recommend it.

I said buying cars that have been damaged should be left to the trade. He said that even the trade take risks which they sometimes have to work off if they get it wrong. But if you are paying some else to do the repairs, then it can prove costly if your gamble doesn't turn out the way you wanted. He said his old building was near a salvage yard and there was a lot of people buying there bargain's and pulling up looking for cheap repairs. In the end they decided  they now don't get involved as theres always unexpected problems.

I now gather you have decided to open your search for a manual or auto in the colour you wanted. Glad to hear you have stuck to the colour.

You have now found a whole one in the colour you wanted. Picture attached Good luck with that.

Call us when you get it and we will gladly make it New Again.


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