Odour Removal Question from James Newton-Brady

Submitted on 03/03/2012

Hello New Again, Me and my wife have just bought a second-hand Suzuki Jimny and there is quite a strong dog smell in it - not urine or anything just 'dog smell'. I bought it thinking it would be relatively easy to just shampoo the upholstery and that would be that. Doing a bit more reading on the internet (which I should've done before!) I realise it's not that easy. That's how I found your website - I'm really impressed with the information on your website and it was really helpful the way you describe the steps that would need to be taken to combat the smell. The only problem is that we live near Bristol which is miles away! But I've not been able to find any other companies in our area (or anywhere for that matter) that seem to provide the same level or service as New Again - like the enzyme products, fogging and pairing and all that. Do you know of any other companies that may be based nearer to me that you know of...and would recommend? If not, I think we may consider driving over on a Saturday (are you open on Saturdays?). As we are so far away it would be good to try to avoid coming back for a second attempt - would it be possible to give an estimate of how long it would take to give the car a really good seeing to - including the enzyme treatment, fogging and whatever else you think might be necessary? I know it's a bit hard to say but is it usually a whole day job or an afternoon? Thanks very much for you help, James Model: Suzuki Jimny


Have you had a good read of the diy section? can you remove some of the carpet sections. Some things you maybe able to put in you washing machine?

If you want it to bring it to us, then please call us. This page maybe useful. We are open on Saturday till 4pm

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