Paintwork Correction Question from Sharon Keaney

Submitted on 30/03/2012

Hi - I wanted to get my Polo's paint work smartened up. Lots of swirls all over it. Nothing deep. Any ideas on costs and roughly how long it would take to do (I know you probably need to see it but I live the otherside of London). Would also be interested in touching up the 2 front alloys (original VW ones). Reg year 2004. Thanks, Sharon Model: VW Polo Twist (3 door version)


We could do an exterior valet with double buff? That would cost £67.50inc for the valet if you cars not the new shape. Then the double buff would be £60 incl vat. that we would need for about half a day.

The wheels would cost from £12.50 inc vat plus £5 for a close match touch up paint. You may want to send us pictures, as if there's a lot, it can look too much which is why we do the cosmetic and whole wheel option. Here's a link to our contact page where you can put your post code in, and our easy page.


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