Odour Removal Question from Clayton Lee

Submitted on 30/04/2012

I would want to find a product that would eliminate the odor of spilt milk. My wife went shopping and bought a gallon of 1% homogenized milk and about half the gallon spilt in the trunk. We didn't clean the mess after the odor was unbearable. It went into the spare tire well and the trunk carpet. I would really appreciate your expert advice. I live in Mililani, Hawaii. Mahalo ( thank you ) and Aloha (goodbye) , Clayton Model: 2007 Hyundai / Azera


Its a process as well as the products. Milk has such a lot of solids in it, its very difficult to remove once it has gone off and dried. 

I recommend you have a good look at the diy section of the odour removal part of out site. 

The spare wheel and the metal parts can be cleaned with a strong mix of biological laundry washing liquid. Do not over heat the water you are using, but it must be as hot as you can get your hands in. Then put rubber gloves on.  Mix it in a bucket of hot water. Then give the whole exposed area a good clean with a brush, like the kind you get with a dust pan, then a wipe dry using a microfiber cloth. Then do it all again. you may have to remove the rear seats and if its gone further, then the front as well. Then clean it all again, the third time using a strong mix of hot water and baking soda. bearing mind that it will dry white and powdery. This is OK to leave on the metal surfaces that are to be covered. But is difficult to remove from carpet, so you may have to remove the carpet and hot jet wash it, if that has to be done. Some bits of carpets I would suggest needs to be replaced unless you can get them in a washing machine. Or a bath and wash it with hot but  not boiling water and biological washing powder is OK. But if you going that route, you will need to give it a very good massage in the water and leave to to soak, then massage and leave. Five times, then rinse, then dry and test smell, then if its ok, do it in baking soda and water. Smell this before putting back in the car.

Lastly clean all surfaces of the car with a cleaning foam. You can buy this in a car accessory shop. Pay attention to all the glass. You won't be able to do the bits like in the vents (we fog these) but you can buy odour removal bomb things that will help, on the net . They are like an aerosol cans that stay on. If you don't use these don't worry if there's no source left in the car the surface smells wear of very quickly unless the smell was very very powerful.

Having said all this, its not the kind of job that you can just follow the instructions and expect to get it right first time. You need to keep using your nose close up to the problem (an inch away) and redoing bits if they need it.

I hope this helps. If you are still getting problems let me know. I would be interested to know how you get on?

Lastly again, you may want to watch this video.

Good Luck

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