Accident Clean-up Question from Laura Thompson

Submitted on 10/05/2012

Water leak in drivers side footwell. When it rains, the underlay gets very wet. I felt underneath the underlay and it's dry up near the pedals but on the bottom of that underlay section, it is wet through from the left to the right. It doesn't come through very much onto the actual car carpet, so if you didn't feel underneath the underlay, you wouldn't have known if was leaking. I found it as a matter of chance when i was exploring the car. I don't use the air con and i have no sunroof and the windscreen is original ( as far as i know). There are no leaves blocking the inside of the bonnet. The carpet around the door is dry so door seals seem to be ok. No problem on passenger side or in either rear footwell. Garage thought it was a loose grommett at the front of the car, they fixed that but it still leaks. I live in Cardiff so if you know anyone that can help, please let me know. Thank you. Model: Ford Sportka 2004


Thats a tricky one. I would suggest you have ago at using a hose pipe and a torch. You will need to look up at where you think its coming in and obviously your friend holding the torch. The other thing would be to look at places where it might come in and eliminate them one by one. Sometimes you need to put quite a lot of water on them As sometimes an area needs the water to fill up before it over flows into the car. For example if you am the water at the drives window, the door may start to fill up because the water builds up inside.  Also have a good look at the web to see what kind of things other people have experience.

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